Beard Wash (With Aloevera & Menthol) – 50ml | By The Golden Beard


  • Deeply Conditions Beard.
  • With 100% natural ingredients.
  • Removes dirts from your Beard.
  • Keeping your Beard Healthy, Clean, Softer.
  • Quantity: 50ml
  • Delivery within 3 to 4 business days.
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Whether You Are An Experienced Beard Enthusiast Or Just Starting Out On Your Beard Journey THE GOLDEN BEARD New Growth & Gloss Beard Wash / Shampoo For Men Is Specially Designed To Use On All Types Of Beard And Mustache Hair.

PROVIDES CONDITIONING EFFECT LEAVING YOUR BEARD AND MUSTACHE HAIRS SOFTENED, TAMED AND SHINY – The product is made from finest ingredients that gives your beard a thorough cleansing without drying it out or matting it down like other washes and shampoos.

MADE OF FINEST NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Aloe Vera Extracts – which softens and hydrate your facial hair and skin, works as a super conditioner. Vitamine E – Improves hair growth and hair quality, Embelicaofficinalis – promotes circulation in hair follicles, Tea Tree Oil – unclogs hair follicles and nourish your hair roots, this product is free from any harmful chemicals like paraben, sulfate or silicon.

PREVENTS ITCHINESS, DANDRUFF & SPLIT ENDS – The product has a much higher organic content that helps prevent itchiness caused by natural beard growing and saves you from the split ends and dandruff problems.

SMELLS BEAUTIFULLY NATURAL – A pleasant mix of natural ingredients makes it smell very natural, it also makes it safe to use on sensitive skin.

INTENSIVE TREATMENT TO DEEPLY CLEANSE SOFTEN AND TAME YOUR HAIR – Rub your palm adding a small amount of beard shampoo, apply the lather to your facial hair evenly and cleanse the face with clean water…You will be left with a nice flawless beard.. This premium beard and mustache cleanser takes your beard to the next level.

HIGHLY APPRECIATED BY THE TESTERS – Our long-bearded testers enjoyed the cleansing & nourishing ability of this rich beard wash for men. And our short n patchy-bearded testers have reported a noticeable difference in beard and a better growth in couple of months usage.

DEVELOPED BY THE BEARD ENTHUSIASTS – Beards being our passion, after a research of over a year and a half, we started off distributing the best beard washes for the epic beards in country, with the Brand name of THE GOLDEN BEARD, Use It After Shower & At Night Before Sleep | From Untidy & Wiry to Neat & Soft | Tame Your Beard Once & For All | ADD TO CART NOW !!!